In case you want to practise your expertise for the benefit of society, contact us.

The mission of ”English Test” Foundation is to bring people together, build communities, provide learning and job opportunities. Our micro way: throughout the years, we established a reliable, affordable and easy to use free English proficiency test platform. With English tests and more designed for all level learners.

The accurate results and recommendations on improving your English on grammar, vocabulary, and phrasing level help students who want to study and work abroad or remotely, employees, entrepreneurs, and all the people who live or want to live in a foreign country. Our macro way: certification and partnerships.

The ”English Test” Foundation team welcomes every highly motivated person willing to donate part of their free time for our cause. We want to help everyone recognise the importance of high-level English for their personal and career purposes. Of course, if you know how important it is to have a proficient English level for yourself, you will want to contribute to the rest of the world to obtain such a critical level of knowledge.If you can contribute to that cause or want to help us by becoming an ambassador of the idea – don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss our next steps. Also, if you share the same values as ours or want to learn more about how to test your English level – connect to us with one of the contact forms on this website; we are more than happy to discuss further.

”English Test” Foundation welcomes you to our website! The foundation is a nonprofit organisation working for the public benefit, registered in the European Union. We train people using non-commercial activities compliant with our values and mission.