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Welcome! If you think about yourself as a proficient English speaker with a high level of grammatical knowledge, you might want to challenge yourself and test your level of English. For everyone curious about how good their command of English is, we have one of the best tools to test it – our English Level Test. The test, which will be available pretty soon, is also a very useful tool for the ones that want to determine how much they need to improve their knowledge, so they can use their English as a tool to:

  • Prepare for every existing high-level English exam in the world. Tests like: Cambridge University language exams, TOEFL, and many others.
  • Find new career opportunities abroad and prove their proficiency with a valid certificate.
  • Participate in language courses in one of the many countries having English as their tongue language.
  • Study in one of the countless universities in the world which are offering their curriculums in English.

The test is also ideal for everyone curious just how good their English is – they can discover that in just 20 minutes.

So, if you are just curious or have any need to validate your proficiency in English – enjoy our specially developed test to answer your needs. With the test, every user can easily validate:

  • Which of the popular English language tests they can take.
  • What is their TOEFL level?
  • How to collect English language points for your work immigration permit in Australia and New Zealand (IELTS).
  • Which business exams you can currently attempt to take.
  • And much more.
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