The mission of ”English Test” Foundation is to bring people together, build communities, provide learning and job opportunities. Our micro way: throughout the years, we established a reliable, affordable and easy to use free English proficiency test platform. With English tests and more designed for all level learners. The accurate results and recommendations on improving your English on grammar, vocabulary, and phrasing level help students who want to study and work abroad or remotely, employees, entrepreneurs, and all the people who live or want to live in a foreign country. Our macro way: certification and partnerships.

Even though there is no formal definition of a “global language”, English is widely considered such. The language is spoken and understood by most of the population and in almost every region of the world. This fact motivated our team in the “English Test” Foundation to dedicate our efforts to building communities, improving language learning, creating job opportunities, and using the English language as a gateway for a better future.

As an international non-profit organisation, we are dedicating our time and efforts to improve the education system through a combination of modern and innovative teaching methods and classical ones that have proven their effectiveness over time. One of our cornerstone principles is – what you can’t measure, you can’t improve! This fact additionally directed our focus at the importance of quality measurement of the English level of our community members. We believe that if we help people identify their English level, this in its own way will help them understand what they can do with it. After a person gets their English level tested and their concrete results shared with them, they can make various decisions based upon that information. The people informed about their English level can apply for certain schools, apply for a working visa, attempt to get a better job, and much more.

Unfortunately, with the raised level of significance of the English language, there are also some increased demands. One of them is to have a trustworthy certificate proving your current level of English. We have found through our practice that having some accreditation is sometimes underestimated when it comes to English, but this can open the doors to a significant number of new opportunities. Our answer to this dilemma was to create a high-quality free test.

It is essential to know that our test contains 100 well-thought-out questions, and it takes about 20 minutes to complete it. That’s why this test brings value and is done by people who value precise and good-quality results and feedback.

In comparison, many of the available other tests are short, with the primary goal to attract people who want to receive quick information. At the “English Test” Foundation, we emphasise the quality of the test, not just the convenience. After a person has finished the testing, they will receive detailed results on which international level they are and what they can do with it. We believe that this additional knowledge adds value and provides new insights and ideas for our community.

With a clear understanding of the English level for him or herself, a person can decide to seek more new chances or invest in his education because education connects our past with our bright future! Our duty is to lay the foundation and support the members of our community with everything needed for their success, which enables the overall growth of society! To further support this idea, we have invested significant time and effort in creating valuable partnerships and a platform that provides authoritative certification.


The core members of the” English Test” Foundation are united by a common passion – their love for languages and especially English. They have experienced the leverage that a proficient English level can provide to a person personally and professionally. On multiple occasions, every team member has reached new levels of development thanks to their well-written and spoken English. That inspires the team to participate in various activities dedicated especially to support the community’s growth engaged with the ”English Test” Foundation. Activities such as:


for us, it is not enough only to measure the levels of the English of those who trusted us. At the team, one of our core beliefs is that lifelong learning is a must. This vision motivated us to do our best to enable everyone interested in better and faster learning. With multiple years of experience in learning and teaching languages, we strive to share our field-tested methods.


in its essence, language is a tool that brings down the barriers between people. In that regard, we dedicate a lot of our efforts – to connect the right persons at the right time. The proficient level of language has opened multiple doors for our members, so we work constantly to lay the foundation for better connections between the participants in our community.


despite the significant importance of high-level English, some people in the non-native speaking communities are satisfied with just an average English level. For us, that has to be changed so that those communities can experience increased growth in terms of interconnectedness and professional development. We lead by example and do our best to inspire others to improve in that area.


as we already mentioned, “what you can’t measure, you can’t improve”. A crucial element for the fast growth of a person is knowing where he or she stands at the current moment. If you have a transparent and clear understanding of your situation, you can improve it significantly in the best way possible. This is one of our key contributions – to clarify everyone willing to take our detailed English level test!

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