In the spirit of our passion for education and growth on this page, we will share upcoming events dedicated to better learning and improving the English level of the participants. Follow this page if you want to learn more about those events that we think can be valuable for your growth. Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with or participate in the organisation of those events in any way or form. The “English Test” Foundation team made this list to provide value to and safe time for our community.

Edu Fair Asia

Online, 3 July 2021

At this event, everyone can get in touch with industry-leading experts. The participants can discover over 500 world-class qualifications. The event is excellent for those who have chosen to transform their lives through education. One of the main goals of the event organisers is to instil confidence in the scholars and enable them to face the ever-growing dynamics of the increasingly globalised environment.

2021 Virtual Education Fair

Online, 23 September 2021

A big motivation for the young generation when it comes to improving their English is the opportunity to study in prestigious universities around the world. If you decide to participate in this event, you can explore many opportunities for your future. The best part is that you can reach and chat with multiple representatives from universities from Canada and around the world from the comfort of your home.

Global Careers for Persons with Disabilities

Online, September 2021

Unfortunately, persons with disabilities are a big group of people that have their career paths highly narrowed down due to their problems. From our practical experience, we have seen that a high English level can open multiple doors for those people. The organisers have teamed up with different worldwide organisations such as EU Careers and International Organization for Migration to provide new insights into the career paths for those suffering from various disabilities.