» Obtain our high quality English Level certificate to prove your level
»  It’s highly accurate – 100 multiple choice questions prepared by University of Cambridge examiners
»  You will know you exact level – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

» We will explain your level – how well you can communicate at it

Why invest 20 minutes in doing our English Level Test?

The test is made for demanding users with a good command of English who are seriously considering using the English language as a tool to:

  • pass one of the major language exams in the world (Cambridge University language exams, TOEFL and similar)
  • take part in language courses in the UK, USA, Australia and in other major countries where English is a mother tongue
  • seek employment abroad and need to prove their knowledge of the language to immigration authorities (e.g. IELTS for Australia and New Zealand)
  • study at undergraduate or postgraduate level with English spoken universities around the world
  • wish to further develop their knowledge of English

Find out today

  • which general English exams you can attempt to pass (University of Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS)
  • which business English exams you can attempt to pass (BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage or BEC Higher)
  • how to collect English language points for your work immigration permit in Australia and New Zealand (IELTS)
  • what TOEFL level you are if you are aiming to enrol with a USA university
  • and more


The core members of the” English Test” Foundation are united by a common passion – their love for languages and especially English. They have experienced the leverage that a proficient English level can provide to a person personally and professionally. On multiple occasions, every team member has reached new levels of development thanks to their well-written and spoken English. That inspires the team to participate in various activities dedicated especially to support the community’s growth engaged with the ”English Test” Foundation. Activities such as:

Our team is built by passionate people striving to build a better future through constantly improving and educating themselves and their community. The common tool that has opened the most doors for the core members of the “English Test” Foundation is their expert level of English. Having excellent language skills in English allowed our organisation to travel around the world and connect with many different peoples and cultures, which enabled our personal and professional growth to a much higher degree. That motivated us to invest even more effort in educational tools and innovative testing, which opens the same world of new adventures and opportunities for growth for our community.